Cross Country &

Track and Field

All athletes must be signed up and fully cleared on Final Forms to participate.


Team Philosophy

There are many life lessons to be learned through the Cross Country & Track.

Here are the primary values we uphold on the RHS Cross Country and Track teams:

Consistency is Key

Our number one objective is for the athletes to discover how rewarding it is to commit to a personal goal and work hard consistently over an extended period of time to achieve it. Our hope is that this personal growth mindset sets them up for a successful and fulfilling life in and outside of sport.

Believe It to See It

Our next objective is for athletes to discover the value of believing in themselves and cultivating a growth mindset. We talk openly and honestly about our experiences to cultivate a safe environment where athletes learn how to cultivate positive self-talk with themselves and their teammates.

Bring Out the Best in Others (BOBO)

Even though running is an individual endeavor, it is also a team sport. We want athletes to learn the value of investing in the people around them and it is more fun to set goals and achieve your best in the company of others.

One Team

There is a girls team, a boys team, and within that a varsity team and a JV team but we are all the Redmond Mustangs. We want all athletes to feel like they are an integral part of our team and make a conscious effort to unify our groups and create an inclusive team environment.