Summer Training


RHS has a summer sports season. To participate in summer training for XC, you must be signed up on Final Forms ( Even if you cannot make every summer practice, you still need to sign up. The best way to set yourself up for a successful Cross Country season is to train consistently. These practices will be a fun introduction to XC and include team-focused bonding events and important training runs to get you ready for the Fall season! 

Important Dates

April 26th - Mustang Extravaganza! Incoming freshman attend and learn more about RHS Cross Country and Track.

May 1st - Final Forms opens for Summer XC sign ups:

June 21st - Virtual New Parent Meeting for XC (summer & fall) via Teams invite. Email Coach Potter for invite:

June 26th - First Summer XC Practice! Not required to join Fall XC. Cost is $50 sports fee to LWSD. Email Coach Potter for training plan:

July 31st - August 19th - Open Summer Training continues with the above schedule. Note: Workouts are captain led. 

August 18th - Final day to get cleared before 1st day of the season. See “how to sign up” on for sign-up requirements.

August 21st - First Day of Fall XC Season! You must be fully cleared to participate.