Community Run Volunteers

The first Saturday of the season we host the Coach Villeneuve Community Run 5k. This race also serves as our athlete's first 5k Time Trial of the season as well as our biggest annual fundraiser. This is a longstanding tradition with Redmond Cross Country honoring Denis Villeneuve, the former head coach of Redmond XC for 35+ years, serves as a "Time Trial" for our athlete's first 5k race of the season, and is our biggest annual fundraiser. All are welcome to run: family members, young siblings, community members, alumni.

Team Pasta Feeds

One of Redmond Cross Country's traditions is team Pasta Feeds the day before races. Parents bring pasta, bread, salad and drinks to the RHS cafeteria after practice and the team eats together the night before a race. This is often the biggest highlight of the season for our athletes to eat, talk and bond with their teammates. 

Course Marshalls & Meet Snacks

During our home meets, we ask parents to stand on the course at two different spots to make sure athletes go the correct direction. You will be given a map of the course and will be with someone who has done the job before. You can also sign up to bring healthy post-race snacks for athletes when they have finished racing. Within 20-30 minutes of completing a hard effort is the best time to refuel!

Uniform Distribution

With over 100 athletes on our roster, distributing uniform tops, shorts, jackets and sweatpants is a big undertaking. We ask 3-4 volunteers to help distribute uniforms at the beginning of the season and collect them at the end. Each uniform item has a number/letter combination that is recorded. Athletes must return the correct numbered uniform at the end of the season.

 Tahoma Relays BBQ

The Tahoma Relays is a jamboree we participate in early in September. The race is a 3k where athletes run through a 20m section of waist-deep water. Afterwards, families, athletes and coaches gather for a BBQ. Stay tuned for Sign Up Genius!

End of Season Banquet

At the end of the season after the State Championship meet, all Redmond XC athletes, families and coaches come together in the RHS Cafeteria to celebrate season highlights, honor our seniors, distribute awards and enjoy each others' company one final time as a team. We ask for a few volunteers to help set up, serve and clean up. Every athlete brings a potluck dish to share.