Cross Country & 

Track and Field

XC Summer Training Starts

Mon - RHS Track 

Wed - Marymoor (velodrome picnic shelter)

Thu - Timberline Track

Sat - Alternating, starting with Watershed then Duvall  

Every practice is 9am - 11am . 

All athletes must be signed up and cleared on Final Forms.

XC Season Starts

M-F @ 3:40-5:40 in Back Gym. 

All athletes must be signed up and cleared on Final Forms.

Team Philosophy

Consistency is Key

Anyone can work hard for one day. The challenge is learning to recover and stay focused on the goal over an extended period of time. We believe that seeing the results after weeks of dedicated practice is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. 

One Team

There is a girls team, a boys team, and within that a Varsity team and a JV team but we are all the Redmond Mustangs. All athletes are an integral part of our team and share the successes, the hard work, and the celebrations. 

Bring Out the Best in Others (BOBO)

XC and Track are team sports. Investing in the people around us can be as rewarding as achieving our own personal best. It's more fun to set goals and work hard every day in the company of others. 


Most of the time, seeing is believing. However, to run a PR, earn a Varsity Letter or podium at State, it starts with the belief that you can do it. We practice positive self-talk, visualization and reflection.